Delay skin aging with lifting facial treatment with immediate results


During treatment, small electrical impulses are sent to the skin, which imitates and activates our natural process in total harmony.

  • Activates the cell energy and appears drainage.
  • Increases collagen production up to 500%.
  • Lifts and shapes the face and reduces wrinkles.

The skin's resistance may vary, hour by hour.  It may be due to stress, fatigue, hormones, alcohol, coffee and the environment and can range from 5,000 to 10 million ohms. The ideal resistance is about 10,000 ohms.
Many other systems can deliver 10,000 ohms, but if the customer has a higher imbalance, you will not get the best results. Therefore, it is worth knowing that our system detects the skin's resistance, 20 times / sec, and supplies the right energy for each customer.
We  offer a treatment that shows results immediately and is constantly improving, which we are very proud of.

  • No tingling in the skin
  • No galvanic taste in the mouth
  • No effect on the skin
  • Absolutely painless
  • You will not even get red after treatment

Luxurious facial treatment

A wonderful experience with visible, lifting results already the first time !!

Before and after

Become a Certified
Therapist / Salon!!
Biocare educates you and you could set up your own business within 1 week.

Offer your customers amazing results right from the first treatment !!


The concept has been in Sweden for 17 years and has many references, users and satisfied customers.

  • The treatment is very comfortable, relaxing and completely painless
  • Wrinkles become less visible
  • The skin's quality improves
  • Coarse pores contracts
  • Muscles become more resilient
  • The skin feels firmer
  • Circulation increases
  • The eyebrows are raised
  • Bags and dark rings around the eyes are muted

The thought of the treatment is to stimulate the body's cells so that it can respond in a natural way and work optimally, continue to repair and
show its Power.