LE ORIGINAL story begins with Margaret's own experiences, and the creation of the product, almost 30 years ago .....

My own story
has existed since 1989

I was completely burned out after working 15-18 hours 7 days a week for many years.
After I sought help from a doctor and was told that there was nothing wrong with me, I went my own way and found the answer myself, called "nutritional imbalance".
It did not mean I didn´t ate food, it was not enough for the work and the stress I subjected me to.
I was tired, had headaches, sore joints, swollen body, hair graying and my nails just sliced ​​and didn´t grow. I had gone into menopause. Sometimes I thought I would´t survive, but still I was working full time, I had never reported myself sick.

Hard work and stress, means that you do need more nutrients when the body's resources are insufficient. Look at the athletes who expose their body to great strain.

I met with Dr. Earl Mindell in Los Angeles who was my companion through the years. He is the author of the book Vitamin Bible. A fantastic book that gives all the answers to why we do not feel healthy and energetic.
He writes in his book about how he, as a pharmacists, with all his knowledge, even after a period of hard work and stress, felt that the strength waned and he was very tired. He had a colleague who was as enthusiastic despite the fact that they worked 15 hours a day and Earl Mindell asked what was the secret to his colleague was not as tired. He was told that he boosted with beneficial vitamins, which was completely new to Earl Mindell.

Earl Mindell writes that he was eager to learn about this that was new to him and has never looked back.
He learned what nature can offer in terms of vitamins. The B complex and vitamin C can counteract stress, how vitamin E can increase endurance and resistance and how B12 can reduce fatigue.
Once he started to occupy some of the most important vitamins regularly, he quickly became convinced how valuable a proper vitamin intake is - he became ”Reversed” and "Vitamin-saved."

Suddenly nutrition became the most important thing in his life and it was at a special lecture he also has learned of the cells RNA-DNA complex and its anti-aging properties.

Since then he has eaten RNA-DNA supplements, as well as SOD superoxide dismutase and DHEA ("Wild Yam"), a natural substance that counteracts obesity and aging.
He also writes that most people guess he is five to ten years younger than he really is
A whole new world opened up to him that made him want to tell everyone to discover this.

After I created LE ORIGINAL my condition turned, I got my menstruation back and I felt that I regained energy which I wanted to share with others. I felt that many around me had a similar problem and got the same answer from doctors like me.
My mantra became "a healthy body is not sick"

LE ORIGINAL is of course not the answer to everything, it helped me and one must remember that the supplements do not have any intrinsic value but should be combined with a well balanced diet. The problem is that the diet is not always so well balanced even how much we want it to be and then LE ORIGINAL could be the extra need to more energy.

The result may be that you become less stressed, make better decisions and can handle everyday life in a better way.

/Margareta, born -45