Biocare VSYP ltd develops and manufactures products for the health and beauty Industry.
The company has been operating since 1989, and the background is self-perceived needs. Therefore, we strive to create and offer products that conform to what the body itself has produced, adapted and thus be as "natural" as possible. Whether it's about products or therapies, we follow the same thread. The body is amazing, give it the right conditions, the tools, to continue to develop itself!

The way we see it that when the body is around age of 20 the body has full production! 
When reaching "Middle age", @ around 40 years old, same production decreases to single percents of the production.
We start from the body's production of substances and find alternatives that are consistent with what the body can assimilate in order to stay healthier and more prosperous.

The adage is that a ”healthy body never get sick”. By supplementing it´s diet with natural substances help to keep you healthy, energetic and handsome. You build self-healing and you can control your wellbeing.

Biocare VSYP ltd has with help of prominent figures over the years developed just such a products. We have our own production, GMP certified, which means we control everything from idea to finished product without intermediaries. We offer Private Labeling and selling our own brands to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers.



Creating and offering supplements to refill for a healthier and longer life.


A healthy body never get sick, and the body can heal the flaws that come up.